Property and Estates

Managing documents and information for properties, estates, construction, legal and facilities (EDM Solutions)

Property and Estates

The SDS Group provide Property, Estates and FM (H&S) Departments with systems which will bring proven business efficiencies, ensure legal compliance and dramatically reduce risk (effective disaster recovery) for the document information assets.

We provide property specific e-document management and bespoke database solutions combined with the scanning and digitisation of asset, property/estates and FM/H&S archives. We produce secure on-line retrieval systems which gives total and complete management of the document information assets (both electronic and physical).

The complementary bespoke system to the scanning of documents, provides you with a effective method to manage your property and building information assets as you would aspire to manage your estates investment and physical assets.

Our particular specialist area of property document management is in retail property (we have built systems for highstreet chains such as New Look, Next, John Lewis and Dixons Carphone Warehouse), but we are also able to accommodate other areas where there is a need to manage a portfolio of properties and all the documentation that entails.

Property Deed Packets

We know what makes up a Property Deed Packet. There are many documents that make up the entire physical folder of a working property deed and document file. In our experience, these include such documents types as:

• Insurance Letter • Lease
• Land Certificate • Licence to Alter
• Licence to Underlet • Licence to Assign and Deed of Variation
• Licence to sublet • Deed of Variation
• Rent Review Memorandum • LTA 54 Exclusion order
• LTA 54 Exclusion Joint ApplicationLicence to Assign • Lease (Underlease)
• Deed of Assignment & Variation • Section 38 Application
• Letter (Variation to Lease) • Section 38 Order
• Office Copies • Conveyance and Assignment
• Deed of Dedication • Deed of Covenant
• Supplemental Deed • Legal Mortgage
• Claim Form • Deed of Indemnity
• Sub-Lease • Deed of Rectification
• 94B Purchaser Application • Company Search Report
• Environment Document • Notice of Approval
• Certificate of Practical Completion • Enquiries Document
• Highways Act • Structural Specifications Document
• Warranty Agreement • Architects Warranty
• Receipt • Agreement for Lease
• Deed • Letter
• Licence to Carry Out Works • Deed of Surrender
• Inventory of Deeds • Registered Undertaking
• Agreement • Minute of Variation Building Lease
• Deed of Extension Building Lease • Minute of Agreement
• Registered Lease • Registered Agreement
• Grant of Planning Permission • Schedule of Deeds and Documents
• Report on Lease • Report on Agreement for Lease
• Notice of Election • General Enquiries Before Contract
• Grant of Lease • Plan
• Underlease • Joint Originating Application
• Engineer’s Warranty • Deed of Rent
• Search Report • Surrender
• Agreement for Sale • Form 96 Application for Official Search
• Schedule of Documents • Compulsory Purchase Order
• Joint Application • Amendment to tenant documents
• Payment Notice • Assignment
• Conditions of Sale • Remittance Advice
• The Companies Acts • Invoice
• Special Resolution • Notice of Passing of Building Plans
• 363 Annual Return • 288 Notice of Change
• Articles of Association • Ordinary Resolution
• Register of Mortgage & Charges • Register of Local Land Charges
• (B.1) General Preliminary Enquiries • (B.2) Preliminary Enquiries
• Consent Order • Lease Summary
• Land Registry • Planning Act
• Duty of Care Agreement • Land Registry Search Application
• Transfer • Service Charge Information Pack
• Investigation Report • Supplemental Legal Mortgage
• Consent to Charge • Architects
• Income and Expenditure • Declaration of Trust
• Application to Register • Pursuant to Covenant
• Register • Order
• Report on Title • Coal Mining Report
• Memo • Notice
• Lease (Reversionary) • Consent to Sublet
• Licence to Occupy • Mortgage
• Certificate of Change of Name • Structural Engineers Warranty
• Deed of Warranty • Legal Charge
• TR1 Transfer of Registered Title • Land Transaction Return
• LT23 Notice of Subletting • LT21 Notice of Assignment of Lease
• Covenant of Rent • Planning Application
• Discharge of Registered Charge • Notice of Assignment
• Memo of Agreement • Land Charges
• Notice of Sub-Lease • Power of Attorney
• Contract • Miscellaneous
• M47 Particulars of a Mortgage or Charge • Certificate
• Appointment of Receiver under a Debenture • Debenture
• Confirmation and Undertaking • S38(4) Order of Joint Application
• Deed of Guarantee • Deed of Release
• Statutory Declaration • Conveyance
• Building Act • Mortgage Statement
• 94E Particulars of a Search as Supplied  

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