SDS O&M Bureau

The complete Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Building Manuals for the Construction Industry (New-build and re-fit/re-furbishments). We enable you to get to Practical Completion (PC) on-time with Quality Handover information.

SDS O&M Bureau

The SDS O&M Bureau provides a “One Stop” service of gathering & compiling all documentation required on new build construction for the O&M Manual. From conception to completion, The O&M Bureau’s professional aggregation of documents via liaising with subcontractors, collating and arranging it in a readable, standard format and delivering it in hard copy (paper) or electronic output (O&M Manual). This includes certification, safety data, cleaning information, product literature, record drawings & design criteria that will be delivered in hard copy, on disc or via an online portal.

The team at The SDS O&M Bureau has completed over 600 O&M Manual projects to date for most of the UK principal contractors (& many building owners). The project team are informed of progress throughout the O&M Manual project via site meetings & regular updates from our office based co-ordinators and online Tracking System (PITS).

Key Benefits

  • Using The SDS O&M Bureau will enable you to:
  • avoid delays at Practical Completion produce a quality O&M Manual
  • deliver a fully indexed and searchable building O&M Manual
  • maintain compliance with CDM regulations
  • create a lasting impression with your client by providing them with quality documentation which they can use well after you have left site

Benefits of working with the O&M Bureau

For contractors:

Working with The SDS O&M Bureau eliminates the headache of having to produce quality Operation and Maintenance  - O&M Manuals.  Our team have produced over 600 projects and are expert in doing it.  Using The O&M Bureau service ensures on time practical completion.

For building owners:

Your refurbished or new building will be easier to manage – our service will provide all the drawings, documents, permissions in a concise, searchable and updateable CDROMs/Living Solutions (on-line). The Complete O&M Manual provider.



Further reading

  • For more information about our O&M services, visit our dedicated web site