SDS Archive Manager

The Archive Manager suite of software is one of our archival documentation and management solutions. It runs on all platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

Archive Manager

A Java application that runs on most common platforms, with full support for maintenance of an ISAD hierarchy of materials descriptors, accession management and extensive documentation about the personsand agencies associated with the provenance, donation and use of archival materials.

Classifications systems include keywords, categories, collection types and functions. Documentation may be enhanced by attaching one or more images to any item, accession, person or agency record. Item records may also be linked to external documents, providing on-line access to electronic records. Status and location information may be maintained for any number of physical copies of an archival item.

Archive Browser

A web application that provides a facility for non-privileged users to browse the non-confidential information contained in an Archive Manager database. This optional add-on to Archive Manager allows you to publish your archival catalogue on the web. It may be configured to meet your corporate web display standards, making it easy to incorporate into an existing web site. Available in both Java Servlet and Microsoft Active Server Pages editions, Archive Browser may also be configured for use with Archive Server databases.

Archive Server

This package effectively incorporates the functionality of both Archive Manager and Archive Browser in asingle web based application. It also caters for maintenance of multiple archival divisions within a single database, making it ideal for organisations that maintain more than one archive, and require all archives to be managed in a consistent way by sharing a common set of classification systems.

The archival context anduser privileges are determined through the use of application level user accounts. While most user accounts are associated with a specific archival division, appropriately privileged users may view the entire set ofarchives as a single large archive.

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