Themis Retinue (Board Minutes)

Hundreds of Organisation, Institutes, PLCs and Corporate bodies now manage their Board and Committee meetings with dedicated Cloud based Board Management Software.

The significant savings and improvements in efficiency have been established beyond question. In most cases it is not a matter of if the Organisation should have a digital Board & Committee system, but rather, when,how and which one?

Selecting a ready-made system would seems be a safe option. Prices now range from £120 - £1200 per user per year. However,it is a false economy. It will almost certainly cost far more than planned or necessary.

The option to rent a system with a charge based on the number of users is at first sight very appealing. However, what appears to be a small monthly or annual outlay will almost certainly increase. Initially the Main Board or Trustees are the selected group, 10-20 users but as time goes on passing those savings and efficiency improvements on to other Committees then Sub-Committees makes good business sense but invariably increases the user base and with it the cost. Within a few years the initial cost can and probably will spiral, with increases of 3, 4 and 5 fold over the initial budgeting.

There is a far better way and the savings can be very substantial, even over what seems to be an initial small monthly charge.

Themis Retinue screen shotSDS Themis Retinue is designed around your specific specification

Bespoke vs One-Size-Fits-All

Themis Retinue is an Asset on your Organisation's Balance Sheet, not a constant and increasing drain on your profits.

As a bespoke system, Themis Retinue will be designed around your specific specification and unlike One-Size-Fits-All programs does not contain confusing elements and functions that are not relevant to your requirements.

  • It will be created around your existing House style
  • Increasing the user base will not increase the monthly/annual cost
  • Updates, upgrades and maintenance are included in the package and at a fixed cost
  • Backfile conversion can be integrated with the project

Designed to be future proof, Themis Retinue can be updated to facilitate as yet unknown changes that might occur in the future to your organisation. Themis Retinue can be pre-loaded with all relevant user details and templates in line with current in-house documentation, ensuring easy uptake by all users. Depending on the user level ROI is between 18-36 months.

User Functionality

Themis Retinue is a multi-platform system accessible from all devices. Using simple Drag and Drop technology, the intuitive interface ensures easy adoption and understanding by administrators and users alike.

Themis Retinue allows users instant access to relevant aspects Board / Committee data.

  • Meeting details; agenda, minutes of previous meetings, changes, additions, relevant documents, annotation, etc.
  • Contact details with attached Photos
  • Full contact with other members
  • Search facilities including archives
  • Voting
  • Questionnaire
  • Calendar
  • Archives


  • Create Meeting Templates to use / re-use.
  • Convert spoken records to written minutes with full search facility.
  • Import all document / file types, Microsoft Office, PDF, JPEG, MPEG, PNG, TIFF and more.
  • Grant permissions Read / Read/Write etc
  • Detailed Audit trail, including full document / user history
  • Collate votes / approval / submissions etc.
  • Set up 'Private Room' Meetings for confidential or restricted discussion
  • Encryption of all data
  • Automatic dual back-up facility on highly secure UK servers
  • Create Deputy Administrator positions, for Committees & Sub-Committees

And more if required. Themis Retinue is made to your specifications. If those specifications change in 12 month or more, SDS can accommodate that change.


SDS have over 25 years' experience in Document Management across many market sectors. Hundreds of systems created and tens of thousands of users. Call us on 01202 496513 to discuss – it will open new doors! Themis Retinue screen shot