Facilities Management

Working with facilities managers over the past twenty five years we have found that, despite differences in operations and company sizes, there are three main priorities for FM departments:

  1. sustainability and the environment;
  2. continuity of their service and business;
  3. minimising the footprint and related costs.

The starting point to running a building efficiently is robust, reliable and easily accessible building documentation. We meet so many frustrated FMs who because of a reliance upon archaic paper-based filing systems, needlessly spend time and effort researching records to find suppliers, maintenance schedules and repair solutions.

The SDS Group can provide FMs with a fully-digitised, more environmentally friendly alternative that not only saves time, but can also lead to savings, increased productivity whilst also positively reinforcing any distaster recovery plans currently in place.

Solutions for FMs

Once all of the documentation has been scanned, processed and indexed, we offer three different ways in which the final product is packaged:

  1. A CD-based solution
    Delivering you an electronic 100% facsimile of the original documents that can be viewed, searched, printed or sent via e-mail. A cost-effective solution ideally suited for archiving purposes, it also has basic document search and sort facilities.
  2. A Web-based solution
    Enables multiple users at multiple locations to access documents and have all of the functionality of a CD-based solution, but with the convenience of anywhere-access, as well as support for a wider range of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and more advanced searching and sorting functionality.
  3. A living solution
    An online system, but with the additional functionality of allowing the end-user to add to and maintain records, and thus keep records as up-to-date as your situation demands.


Contact us on 01202 496513 or e-mail hello@sds-group.co.uk to discuss your document management requirements and for a free quotation for a comprehensive scanning and indexing solution.

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