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Owning or managing an estate or a garden is all about its heritage – everyone knows that gardening is for future enjoyment! But what about the future owners? What about your legacy that is represented in your estate or garden?

SDS Gardens & Horticulture offer bespoke document management and digital scanning and archiving services tailored especially for garden and estate owners.

Managing your garden estate digitallyCapture every detail of your garden or estate in an easy-to-use management system

Our systems provide:

  • Fully searchable records of the past – fully protected against any form of failure
  • Up to the minute records of the present – again, fully searchable in every possible way
  • Alerts and reminders of everything that needs to be done day to day
  • A pictorial record of every individual plant and object in the garden
  • The ability – when and if required – to create a printed album from your data

We can scan, digitise, atomise and create a totally searchable Living Database from your existing plans (buildings as well as land). All, or most, of this data will be in hard copy format – and almost certainly there will be just one copy. The classic single point of failure: vulnerable to fire, flood, rodent and insect attack. Once digitised it, you need never worry about losing this valuable historic information ever again.

Digitising garden plansPreserve historic and precious garden plans in an easy-to-navigate digital archive

But digitising brings other benefits, too. When you are thinking of changing anything (or wondering just why things are placed where they are) you will be able to browse, extremely quickly and easily, through the past of that specific area, and/or search for whatever aspect you wish. For a garden this could show specific soil types, drainage or flooding problems, previous buildings/foundations, longevity of earlier plantings. For an estate with different types of garden, and possibly a number of buildings, the same potential exists plus the additional features of detailed building changes and plans, walls, hedges, other boundaries and so on.

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