One of our key areas of expertise is in digitally converting publications, reports, minutes, journals, photographs, historic books, and general historical archives for posterity, digital preservation, and for creating searchable archives online or on CD/DVD.

We can electronically convert any paper archive, regardless of age, size, condition and binding obstacles, into seamless and cohesive database system. We are very experienced in scanning fragile and rare publications through work with the Petrie Museum of Ancient Egyptian Archaeology, the London Geological Society (its Murchison Notebooks), and in scanning property deeds for the John Lewis Partnership and British Gas that date back as far as the sixteenth century.

Handling precious archivesSDS take a great deal of care when handling historic, precious archives

In fact, any document archive that is between one and 900 years old can be accommodated using our array of specialist scanning equipment.

This is all achieved with the utmost care and attention, and without altering the original documents or causing additional wear and tear, which is essential for rare and priceless archives.

Further information

For more information about our heritage archiving services, visit our dedicated SDS Heritage web site at www.sds-heritage.co.uk

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