You may have thought, "Why isn't there an easy way to identify the people in a school photo?"

The fact is, while it's become exponentially easier to take photos, the ability to capture the associated "metadata" has scarcely advanced at all. There are millions of photos, each with dozens or hundreds of people in them, whose identities are undocumented, thus a bit of history is lost forever. Even group photos taken "for the record" aren't capturing this information. A prime example is the school/college panoramic photograph – hundreds of people and not one of them identified!

Until WhoZatFace, there simply wasn't an efficient way to accomplish the task of identifying, naming and sharing this information for photos of large groups. By doing so, archivists are able to accurately record and preserve the history contained within these images.

Whozatface web site screnshotWhoZatFace is a web service that enables schools and colleges to crowdsource the tagging of faces in group photos - privately and securely

Schools, colleges, universities, sports teams, corporations – WhoZatFace is the solution of choice for any organization searching for an easy way to identify people in group photos. It also provides a unique new way to engage alumni to be part of their personal history and that of their alma mater.

The technology driving WhoZatFace is unmatched for delivering accurate high-volume face detection provided in a secure platform.

Further information

For more information about WhoZatFace, how it works, and to see a live demo, visit the web site at www.whozatface.com

Whozatface web site screnshot Click here

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